........our team of colour and styling professionals are at the leading edge of their craft, ready to give you a London finish in the heart of rural Berkshire. We pride ourselves on precision cutting and the very latest colouring techniques. We look forward to welcoming you into our warm and friendly salon where our hair experts will look after all of your hair needs.

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@JasonPalmerHair Nov 01, 14:34

Jason Palmer Hairdressing - November Issue -

@JasonPalmerHair Oct 07, 18:01

Take a look at October Newsletter - #citybeats #Recruiting #apprenticeships

@JasonPalmerHair Oct 07, 17:55 Take a look at our October Newsletter

@JasonPalmerHair Sep 05, 18:17

Looking forward to presenting one of the awards at tonight's ceremony.

@JasonPalmerHair Aug 31, 19:23

Take a look at our September Issue -

@newburycollege Jun 27, 10:53

Thank you @JasonPalmerHair for addressing our business breakfast this morning. Great to listen to your success stor…

@JasonPalmerHair May 10, 13:45

Beautifully bouncy balayage created by Emily in the salon today. #balayage

@JasonPalmerHair May 02, 19:16

Jason Palmer Hairdressing - May Issue -

@JasonPalmerHair May 02, 19:15

Jason Palmer Hairdressing - May Issue -

@JasonPalmerHair Apr 12, 16:34

Emily's book exchange is open! As we know many of you are avid readers and like to relax in the…

@JasonPalmerHair Apr 05, 09:41

Jason Palmer Hairdressing - April Issue -

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 24, 01:14

Our app is now available to download. Online bookings now live! - via

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 18, 18:15

Just chilling with my friends at home before my holiday at Uncle Josephs. Have a good weekend…

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 15, 01:14

Our app is now available to download. Online bookings now live! - via

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 09, 18:31

Congratulations to Sarah and Anthony, we were honoured to be part of your big day and wish you…

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 08, 01:14

Our app is now available to download. Online bookings now live! - via

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 05, 10:18

A handful of this weeks reviews. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 01, 23:10

Online booking is now live on our app and our website making it even easier to get yourself into the diary.

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 01, 12:59

March Issue -

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 01, 09:54

Please be advised that we have a major water leak outside the salon and currently have NO water. Engineers are en-route. #thameswater

@JasonPalmerHair Mar 01, 01:14

Our app is now available to download. Online booking coming soon! - via

@JasonPalmerHair Feb 22, 21:02

Team evening out, team Angela against team Bella. #whowillwin #berkshire #bowling

@JasonPalmerHair Feb 20, 10:11

Our app is now available to download.Access all salon information and the ability to contact reception directly. On…

@JasonPalmerHair Feb 15, 21:06

A before and after transformation from this afternoon. Emily took this clients hair from a very…

@JasonPalmerHair Feb 11, 18:25

Look at these two cheeky chaps, Andrew cutting young Henry's hair in the salon today.…

@JasonPalmerHair Feb 01, 18:35

Take a look at February's newsletter - Gift cards, new starters, review us and @samsnutrition with #sugarfreefeb